About us

Matt and Matt, namely the two Matthew.
We are committed to spread the culture of high-quality dining.

Our love and passion about gastronomy have made us to acquire knowledge and mastered in a variety of drinks like wines, champagnes, beers and spirits. We have been fortunate to work in the best Fine Dining restaurants in the past decade and develop a great insight into the diversity and richness of world standard wines and champagnes. Moreover, we both got the opportunity to manage and direct the most prestigious wine bar in Budapest, which was a great honor but also a professional challenge to get more involved to the wine culture. In the meantime we have acquired WSET certification which is worldwide recognized qualification of professional wine education. We also believe that tasting and traveling go together, so we like to spend time with traveling to share and learn from other nations. For the purpose to be prepared and up-to-date to be able to offer you the very best of wines. Initially, we have started a wine tasting series called Wine Porn, that introduces the finest pieces and their food matches. Then, we went even further to launch our new business, Matt and Matt. Our commitment now is to take part on your most memorable and precious events and provide our expertise whether the occasion is a fashion show, a business event or even a wedding.

Did you like the wine we have presented? Order it from our online shop, called aborbolt.com. Wines, champagnes, spirits only above 90 points, so the crème de la crème!.

We are here for you. Our goal is to make your event the best ever! If you are consider the service we could provide for in personal or business event, do not hesitate to contact us!

Matt and Matt, azaz a két Máté.


We can do fine bistro style catering. We really prefer the "fine flying food" or "fine finger food" service. We love that guests are surprised and unconsciously enjoy the sight and taste of a variety of small dishes. Vegan, fish, meat dishes are always created together with the customer, we always create only the best, to suit the taste.


Oyster and champagne tasting

We love oyster and champagne pairings. This extraordinary seafood makes a very pleasant match with champagne or white wines like a Furmint. According to their terroir’s, oysters have a wide range of taste from briny-fishlike aromas to dried ham notes. On our event you will learn how to shuck and how to consume oysters properly. It will be fabulous, playful and entertaining. We guarantee you will enjoy every minute of our get-together.

We never miss to grab an oyster with a glass of bubbly.

Give that joy to yourself and your friends.

Bor, pezsgő, párlat és sör kóstolók

Ham and wine/champagne tasting

Do you also love to watch how to carve a huge ham into thin slices? Do you know the different kind of hams and the their aging methods? Prosciutto, Pata Negra, Gran Reserva, Bellotta, Ibericó, Lomo and we still could go on with the different terms. But wait a minute! Have you tried the amazing dried, hungarian Mangalica ham with light salty flavor? We offer all those hams with the best wine pairings. You decide if you like a whole ham on the stand carved with a traditional Cortador knife directly for you OR you want to have a package from different hams. Both are pretty exciting!

Write us if you want the ham melting in your mouth

Sabrage - sabering Champage

Forgot the conventional bottle opening methods and try it with saber, just like Bonaparte Napoleon did it after his bottles. We perform this traditional ceremony at your wedding or private party. This is a must for celebrations. And if it is still not enough we can show you how to open the bottle with glass. Are you ready?

Champagne saber time!

Champagne: in victory, one deserves it; in defeat, one needs it.

Sabrage - sabering Champage

Wine, champagne, spirit and beer tasting

Depending on the occasion we can provide thematic tastings or we can set up a wine and champagne bar on your event. We will take care or even spoil your guests whether it is a summer garden-party with light, crunchy wines, or a VIP reception with exclusive Hungarian and foreign pieces and delicious bites or a classy event with fine bubbles and macarons.

We will help you to make a great wine and spirit list for your special event, just contact us!

Bor, pezsgő, párlat és sör kóstolók

Champagne tower

Champagne is a classic choice for parties and celebrations. You can not miss them from the festive table! Especially not from a wedding, a birthday party or a business event. We would like to share our desire with you and with your guests (from 30 up to 300) and boost the mood on your event with a bubbly, tasty and scentful visual element. Our colleges are professional in building the champagne tower and presenting the wines. We work only with premium quality products.


Beer tower

There is an emerging new trend: the beer tower. Your friends or colleges on the company events will love it! An awesome supplement for a manlike party! Why not beer lovers can enjoy this funny spectacle.


Food and wine pairing

You know exactly how great is when wines are matching and are in harmony with the dishes. It is not a thing what you can have only in restaurants. Let us help and find the right wine to pair with the dishes on your event to enhance the dining experience. We provide professional sommelier guidance on weddings, on birthday and private parties or on company events. We can make the food and wine pairing for you and we can deliver all the chosen bottles to the location. In case you need advice with the food too, we have partners to help you out.

Bor és étel párosítások

Wine, champagne, spirit packages

We believe your guests need to get the right drinks in the right place and time. We are pleased to help in choosing the suitable drinks to your occasion. Over 8 years of experience proudly stands behind us. Tell us about your event and we will tell you what drinks and how much do you need for 10 or a few thousand guests.

Bor, pezsgő, ital csomagok

Personalized labels for wine, champagne, spirit

Would you like to surprise your guest, friends and clients with uniquely labeled wine, champagne or spirit? Then you are on the right place! Choose the drink, the size of the bottle (from tiny ones up to the enormous Magnum bottles) choose the design and the amount (from a few bottles up to hundreds) and we will take care of everything else! It is a perfect gift for any occasion!

>Egyedi címkés tételek

Macaron and champagne tasting

Looking for an even more decadent tasting experience? Try macaron with champagne. This french pastry from Chez Dodo macaron manufacture is so delicate, simply melts in the mouth and makes a playful and surprising match with bubblies especially champagne. It is a perfect combination for welcoming the guests or even for a 6 to 8 piece tasting. You can be sure that everyone will be impressed.

Macaron és pezsgő kóstoló